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Yale Forklift Parts

Yale Forklift Parts

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Yale Forklift Parts - Yale Materials Handling Corporation is a Worldwide association who's of NMHG or otherwise known as NACCO Materials Handling Group. NMHG is the largest maker of forklifts and lift trucks in the U.S. Profits are more than 1.5 billion making them the third biggest all around world. NMHG designs, engineers, builds, and sells a comprehensive series of lift trucks using the trade name Yale. The forklifts are manufactured in USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Brazil, Japan and Italy. The retail sales of lift trucks and replacement parts are sold, serviced and supported by Yale authorized sellers.

Yale stands behind their dedication in being a world leader in the material handling industry. They are very proud to offer a whole series of lift trucks and a lot more. Each and every one of their lift trucks come with the assistance of the whole firm. Their experienced service technicians have every choice accessible to manage and finance your lift truck fleet. The strategically situated dealer network provides clients excellent flexibility and customer service.

Provided by Yale is an entire line of top of the range parts, equipment and assistance together with: gas, electric, LP-gas and diesel powered forklifts, narrow aisle and powered hand trucks. Yale is a leading supplier of training, components financing and comprehensive Fleet Management services also. With more than 80 years within the material handling trade, Yale is devoted to providing all of their customer's with a custom solution for all their needs.

In addition, Yale trucks are made in an ISO9001:2000 registered facility and range in capacity from two thousand pounds to 36,000 pounds. Their knowledgeable employees combined with the support of all of their dealer network ensures shipment of a great product each time.

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Forklift Parts
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