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Forklift Parts Erie - Erie is a city situated in the northwestern area of the state of Pennsylvania, USA. It was named after the Native American tribe and the lake they lived along its southern shoreline. With a population of 102,000 the city of Erie is the fourth biggest city in the state. The Metropolitan Area consists of roughly 280,000 inhabitants. The Urbanized Area population is approximately 195,000. The city forms the seat of government for Erie County.

The city of Erie is located near New York, Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Ohio. The manufacturing sector is a prominent staple of the local economy and the area before was busy with heavy industry. Tourism, higher education and healthcare are emerging as greater driving factors of the economy. Presque Isle State Park is visited by millions each and every year for water recreation. There are other attractions such as a casino and a horse racetrack which have been named for the state park.

Erie was founded during 1795. It was originally settled by both French and English settlers. Immediately after, the city of Erie became a major port that focused initially on the salt trade. During 1813, amongst the proudest historical moments happened within the city when Commodore Oliver Perry, whose majority of ships was constructed within the city of Erie, defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.

The city of Erie ultimately became a railroad hub, helping the westward expansion of America and emerged as a maritime hub. By the 20th century, the city of Erie has become a large industrial center. The manufacturing focus was mostly on steel and iron. Now, the city has grown to draw a more diverse mix of mid-sized industries. Like for example, steel plants and small plastic have emerged and become driving forces in the city's economy. The tourism sector has largely grown in recent years also.

The city of Erie acts as a significant access point to the Saint Lawrence Seaway, Lake Erie and the Great Lakes for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The city boasts lots of attractions and places of interest in the city for recreation and culture. Like for instance, the Erie Children's Museum specializes in visitors between the ages of 2 and 12 and offers a huge selection of interactive displays in the fields of the humanities and science. The Erie Art Museum is situated within a former U.S. Customs House. It offers a wealth of changing art exhibits focusing much on contemporary art and folk art.

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