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UFS reach trucks could function with 4-way action, allowing these units to be operated in any direction with absolute precision. Usually, these narrow aisle lift trucks are utilized for stacking of wide, normal or long loads up to 9700 mm, loading and unloading from ground level and internal transfer.

The UFS models could accommodate long loads up to 2.5 ton within narrow aisles, and wide loads as well. These features enable the lift truck to maximize storage space utilization and will accommodate each and every kind of pallet, like closed versions. The space efficiency of this unit is extenuated due to its extended mast option.

The maintenance costs of these machinery are quite low, like lost each trucks available on the market. Most of the components are standard and easily accessible across the range.

The truck has built in CAN Bus technology in its BITE test equipment. This feature is capable of monitoring and self-diagnosis. The truck's LCD screen offers precise fault data to showcase improved maintenance and repair times. This allows the operator to enjoy greater up-time and less costs overall.

URF is a very advanced unit of narrow aisle truck that is outfitted with swivel-reach. The forks horizontally rotate 180 degrees to enable stacking on either side as well as to the front of the aisle. This truck could be utilized with wire guided operation in free-ranging operations all over the warehouse or in aisles as narrow as 1.5 meters. The way this forklift has been designed enables optimum warehouse space utilization and the overall operation is simpler and faster compared to man-up operations. The mini steering wheel, completely adjustable fingertip and seat controls together with power steering option and the "floating" arm rest, all contribute to comfortable and productive operation. Statistics show that the happier and more comfortable the operator is the higher level of productivity.

The rotating forks on the URF unit could be utilized for both aisle and warehouse handling operations. This unit is best suited for aisle-ways which are just 300 mm wider than the transported load. Additionally, the Autostop additional safety feature stops the truck automatically at the end of the aisles. Data terminals and ancillary equipment are incorporated easily. The video-view applications allow the operator to maintain the "man-down" position for simple truck access while visually inspecting the load at every stage of the handling procedure.

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