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Cascade Clamp

Cascade Clamp

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Cascade Clamps - Cascade Manufacturing Company was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1943. They began as a small machine shop initially hiring 4 individuals. Sales for their first year of operation amounted to about 60 thousand dollars. The first recorded sales revenues involved the machining and assembly of stainless steel valves, pipe fittings and different components. During five years of operation, the business had stretched to forty staff and their yearly sales volume had increased to $330,000. Nowadays, Cascade is among the top worldwide manufacturers within the material handling business.

Manufacture and design of the company's very first hydraulic cylinder paved the way in Cascade's aggressive quest of better business possibilities. Over the last sixty years, the material handling business has matured into a highly advanced field and Cascade has proudly performed a part in this progress. Cascade at the moment continues to grow as the premier provider of lift truck accessories and different related products. The company feels confident in their ability to continue to lead the way within the business by understanding customer's requirements in the future and remaining competitive in the international market.

In the nineteen fifties, Cascade started designing, manufacturing and advertising hydraulic accessories. Construction was done in the year 1956 on a new facility so as to accommodate all plant and office operations in Portland, Oregon at the company's current headquarters. After fifteen years of business, total employees reached a hundred and eighty employees and sales had reached nearly $2,300,000.

A second manufacturing plant was built in 1959 in Springfield, Ohio. The year 1960 marked Cascade's preliminary move into the international world of the material handling industry while the business established interest in Australia, the Netherlands and England.

The business altered its name to Cascade Corporation in the year 1964. In 1965, Cascade went public with an initial offering of two hundred thousand shares of common stock. The business has expanded its production facilities throughout the U.S. with places in Portland, Oregon, Springfield, Ohio, and Warner Robins, Georgia. Cascade merchandise are fabricated internationally due to many subsidiary operations. In 1994, a brand new plant was completed in Almere, the Netherlands which is Cascade's European control center. This facility is built to be the ultimate customer service centre.

Continuing to develop, Cascade expanded their product offering further in the year 1996 and the year 1997 with the remarkable acquisition of 5 firms, together with the international leader in forks, the Kenhar Corporation.

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