Fracking has contaminated drinking water

Fracking has contaminated drinking water

The natural gas boom resulting from fracking has contaminated drinking water in Texas and Pennsylvania, a new study said on Monday.

However, the researchers said the gas leaks were due to defective gas well production – and were not a direct result of horizontal drilling, or fracking.

The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences validated some of the concerns raised by homeowners in the Barnett Shale of Texas and the Marcellus formation in Pennsylvania about natural gas leaking into their water supply.

The film Gasland notoriously showed flames bursting out of a kitchen tap because of high concentrations of natural gas in drinking water.

But the researchers said there was no direct causal relationship with fracking itself.

“Our data do not suggest that horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing has provided a conduit to connect deep Marcellus or Barnett formations directly to surface aquifers,” the authors wrote.

Instead, the researchers said the leakage was due to faulty cement casing on natural gas wells.

The finding was in line with a number of earlier studies on leaks in the cement casing of natural gas wells.

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